About Us

About Us

What is Independent Turkey?

Independent Turkey is an open community of scholars, journalists, activists, practitioners and experts dedicated to original, non-partisan journalistic reporting. We are committed to the principles of debate, freedom of thought, education and independence.

Through our network of freelance and citizen journalists, we cover controversial human rights issues, press freedom and democratic reform, aiming to encourage debate and inspire action. By focusing on debate and promoting regular columnists, Independent Turkey hopes to encourage issues of enduring relevance to be discussed by multiple contributors, including response articles from you, the readers.

This is particularly important given the current climate of polarization and partisanship, and our position as an un-biased financially independent institution can circumnavigate such issues, as well as avoiding the censorship now widespread in Turkey.

Organisational Structure

Independent Turkey is a sub-organisation of the Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey, Research Turkey, and operates in continuation with their outlook and ideas. Research Turkey is a leading European think tank; an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation devoted to policy analysis and research focusing primarily on contemporary Turkey and the region. It aims at sharing a wide range of publication types including reviews, interventions, political, economic and social analyses, working papers, interviews and commentaries, by following interdisciplinary trends in the global world and examining Turkey and the global world from different points of view.

Going beyond the boundaries of a self-enclosed academic scholarship, Research Turkey offers to use tools of theoretically grounded and empirically valid research in investigating unexplored aspects of Turkish society and polity or looking into its better known aspects from different angles. The organisation has no organic link with any political party, think tank, ideological movement or NGO.

Commission Us

The team at Independent Turkey is made up of journalists, academics, activists, and writers with a wide range of expertise and experience in Turkey, the EU and the Middle East. We are always keen to work on new projects – especially those to do with human rights, press freedom, gender justice, activism, and stories that might have a hard time making it into the mainstream media. If you would like to commission us to write for you, please contact us at independent@researchturkey.org . We’d love to hear from you.

Our Journal

Research & Policy on Turkey serves as the journal of Research Turkey, Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey, with the objective of responding to a growing need for evidence-based analysis on Turkey in the English language.

The journal’s mission is to showcase innovative approaches that academically contribute to the understanding of contemporary Turkey by providing a platform for the publication of quality scholarly articles and research.Research & Policy on Turkey is dedicated to theoretical, methodological and empirical pluralism in the studies of Turkey to reach a more comprehensive and multidimensional understanding of contemporary Turkey in its global context. The journal provides an intellectual forum to exchange knowledge and research for a scholarly debate on contemporary Turkey including its social, economic, political and cultural issues.